Discover the New You – 22 Days to Re-Invention

SpringThe first day of spring is here and the cold weather is beginning to fade away. Do you feel it? The world outside is coming alive again… different varieties of sprouts are popping up and very soon the trees will begin to bud. If you are like us, all of these events carry with them an air of revival. It’s a similar quality that we briefly feel when we ring in the New Year and declare our resolutions. Whether they are to form new habits or let go of old ones, there seems to be an earnest desire to reinvent aspects of ourselves that we realize may not be serving us in our lives.

Spring is an even better time to come alive and revive as we join nature in its resurgence. The Bold Passion team is ready to shed our winter skin and we want you to join us. Allow us to assist you in leaping from the mundane into the exciting process of self re-invention.

Our program “The New You”, is about uncovering the undeveloped or undiscovered facets of your personality that have been hidden for too long. Perhaps you’ve been living too much of your life based on the needs or expectation of others. Suddenly you realize you’ve morphed into an altered version of yourself that is unrecognizable.  Former dreams have fallen away and you ask yourself “now what”?

Bold Passion invites you to dance your way into spring, take charge of your life and bring those untapped aspects of yourself to the forefront.  Embodying all the facets of your personality and adding to the already fabulous woman that exists is the perfect way to engage in the rebirth of springtime.

Here’s what you can look forward to during The New You program. During your 22 Days to Re-invention you will enjoy:

  • An introductory 60 minute online group session to germinate the necessary seeds for transformation
  • 3 weekly follow-up 60 minute online group sessions to facilitate ongoing growth and further connect with the other beautiful participants
  • A comprehensive daily workbook that leads you through the entire 22 day process of discovery
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can post questions and seek inspiration from the group. Daily questions will be addressed to support your growth and expansion!
  • AND surprise bonus gifts!

The next class begins Wednesday April 5th.  All classes will be recorded so live participation is not necessary if you are not available.  REGISTER TODAY HERE and see what is possible for you!

If you need a payment schedule, please feel free to email at to make arrangements.