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Frequently Asked Questions

What's special about Bold Passion programs?

Our support system is specifically geared to ensure your success when you apply the techniques as conveyed. Coaching programs do not have to be difficult or complicated but so many are just that.  We know how busy life can be, we want to make your transition is fun and easy!

What can these programs do for me?

Move you into the passion zone of life! Life is one big transition and often change is uncomfortable.  We’re here to show you how to find ease in the transition; how to reconnect with your inner strength and vitality; and how to live fully as you identify new desires and implement the tools to achieve those desires.  

What are the benefits of joining a group coaching program?

When you join a group not only do you learn the techniques taught but you also have the added benefit of learning from the entire group.  It’s a way of connecting with others as you travel this new path and practice new skills.

What if I am unavailable for one of the sessions, will I miss out on the lesson?

The online format is ideal for people who are busy or whose schedule is complicated.  The lessons are available to fit your schedule because you can work completely anonymously and independently or you can work with the group by joining the conversations.  Or, mix it up! You choose.  Plus online group coaching make it very affordable!


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