The 7 Week Diamond Experience of Bold Passion

Week 1 (60 minutes):

Expansion; name your bold (how bold is bold?)
Identify the feeling of radiance
Learn how to shine!
Learn how to remain brilliant!

Week 2 (90 minutes):

Washing away the dull film once and for all with
Bold Passionate Tools designed to lock in
Self Appreciation

Week 3 (60 minutes):

Get the scrub brush out and clear the blocks,
obstacles and the minutia of the critical mind

Week 4 (45 minutes):

Personal One on One Coaching sessions for support

Week 5 (60 minutes):

Amplifying your radiance and let go of any residual grime

Week 6 (90 minutes):

Release any remaining obstacles forever

Week 7 (60 minutes):

Shatter the case that confines your brilliance once and for all!

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