Claudia-BPCLAUDIA FREY believes everyone has the ability to reinvent themselves and choose the life they desire and deserve.  After decades of living a life that was chosen for her, one day Claudia said enough!  She rediscovered her truth, tore off the mask, stepped into her excellence and tapped into the possibilities of being creative, being dynamic, being capable and being powerful on a consistent basis.  This transformation led her to living the life of her dreams.

Claudia’s passion is to help others, teaching tools and skills that will aid them in reaching their goals and dreams.  She is the founder of E.I.E. Coaching (Empower-Inspire-Enrich your life) where she specializes working with frustrated, unhappy, stressed-out professionals identify and discover what is preventing them from achieving greater success, fulfillment and balance in their lives.

Claudia has over 7 years in practice and is a speaker, facilitator and author.  She draws on 39 years experience as a Dream Life Navigator and former Management Executive to give real life solutions to everyday problems.  Her insight and ability to see the greatness in her clients sets the stage for huge transformation as she guides them to leading the joyful, passionate life they so desire.

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